Poligrafia Janusz Nowak is a family business that founded its activity on many years of experience. The second generation is already exploring the riddles and expanding knowledge in the field of printing.
The company was founded in 1984 by Mr. Janusz Nowak, associated with the printing industry since 1960. For many years he had gained knowledge, while working in managerial positions in state printing houses. Janusz’s sons, Mikołaj and Łukasz, are involved in managing the company, continuing family tradition. In 2009, the legal form has changed, the company was transformed from a natural person running a business into a limited liability company.
During the last few years of operation, 15 types of different production machines were purchased, all of which are now the company’s property. The extensive machine park allows to achieve an annual printing efficiency of approx. 100 million sheets of B-1 format.
The company, guided by the principle that the most important thing is to produce high-quality products and have commercial outlet for them, constantly strengthens its position both on the domestic and foreign market, increasing revenues and employment.


The company’s mission is to meet the expectations of customers in the field of high-quality printing works as quickly and as conveniently as possible for the client.
Quality Policy
The basis for the implementation of our strategy is to meet the expectations of customers and strive for their satisfaction.
The priority assumptions are founded on the consistent implementation of the following goals:

  • building a strong, positive image among current and potential customers based on a high level of product quality;
  • expanding the sales market;
  • develop the enterprise through modernization of production technologies, sales and management;
  • maintaining profitability of operating activities;
  • compliance with legal and interested parties requirements;
  • employee development through a training and motivation system
  • shaping the sense of responsibility of lawyers for the quality of the work



Grants involved with Polografia Janusz Nowak Sp. z o.o. are voted for development of the company and growth of competitiveness on the market. They are regarding especially purchase of machines, implementation of technologies and develipment of company.
Their purpose is creation of innovative in the national scale products with our own or acquired experience and effect of work, based on:

1. Market analysis,

2. Preparation of necessary implementation documentation,

3. Montage and start-up of machines,

4. Montage and launching of production lines,

5. Montage and launching of technological lines,



Poligrafia Janusz Nowak Sp. z o.o. can pride itself in possessing vide gamut of patents and commendations, which has received through last two decades.
This is thanks to the hard work not only of the company’s owners, but also of the competent staff.
The following achievements deserve special attention:

  • Certyficate confirming implementation of quality management system in regards to preparation for production at Prepress,
  • Technology of creating complex books (hardcover),
  • Printed book by pen of Józef Ratajczak „Cześć tato!” (Hi, Dad!), which received  honorable mention  during 48th  contest „Najpiękniejsze książki Roku 2007” (The most beautiful books of year 2007)
  • the prize awarded by Philips DAP for year 2005


1. Hereby General Terms and Conditions of Contracts, hereinafter referred to as “GTC”, are general terms and conditions of contracts within the meaning of Art. 384 § 1 of the Civil Code and constitute an integral part of all contracts for the provision of printing services concluded by Poligrafia Janusz Nowak sp. z o.o. based in Wysogotowo, (hereinafter also referred to as PJN) with entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as Contractors).
2. GTC may be changed or some of them may be excluded from application by PJN only in a written agreement of the parties.
3. The withdrawal by PJN from the application in special cases of the strictly defined provisions of the GTC is binding only and exclusively for a specific contract and in no case may be treated by the Contractor as made in relation to subsequent contracts concluded with PJN.
4. In the event of any contradictions between the provisions of the GTC and the model contracts or general terms and conditions of the contracts used by the Contractor, the provisions of these GTC shall prevail.

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