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Poligrafia Janusz Nowak has been a leader in its segment for many years. We do not mince words. We do what we know best since always. Books, leaflets, brochures. This is our world. The world of paper, color, print and binding. We’re really good at it. You can trust us and take the problem off your head.

NEW services at Poligrafia Janusz Nowak.

PJN, thanks to the implementation of a new investment project, expands its offer with the following products and services:

  • Albums
  • Brochures
  • Hardcover books
  • Paperback books
  • Packaging
  • Scratch cards
  • mass instructions and manuals


Modern, innovative technology is our strength. In an age of high competition and a saturated market, only companies with the latest technological solutions are succeeding. We know this and do not allow ourselves to fall back on half-measures at any stage of production, from customer service, through planning, printing, bookbinding processes, warehouse and expedition. The whole undertaking is backed up by numerous IT systems that do not allow for errors.


We are prepared for the binding of books, brochures, catalogues and folders, folding of maps and complex layouts of leaflets.

We accept requests for quotations and orders for production around the clock by e-mail: biuro@poligrafia-jn.pl. We have the possibility of printing non-stop – if necessary, we execute a pre-agreed order in the shortest possible time.

The area of the plant is 1500 m2 of the production hall adapted to the processing of paper in terms of humidity and air temperature, which regulates the ventilation and air conditioning system; 1500 m2 of storage and 800 m2 of office space.

We will deliver the goods to customers by our own transport.