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The company's mission is to meet the expectations of customers in the field of high-quality printing works as quickly and conveniently as possible for the customer.

Quality Policy

The basis for the implementation of our strategy is to meet the expectations of customers and strive for their satisfaction.
The priority assumptions are based on the consistent implementation of the following goals:

  • building a strong, positive image among current and potential customers based on a high level of product quality;
  • expanding the sales market;
  • enterprise development through modernization of production, sales and management technologies;
  • maintaining profitability of operating activities;
  • compliance with legal requirements and interested parties;
  • employee development through a training and motivation system
  • shaping the sense of responsibility of lawyers for the quality of their work


Poligrafia Janusz Nowak is a family business that bases its activity on many years of experience. The second generation is already exploring puzzles and expanding knowledge in the field of printin
g. The company was founded in 1984 by Mr. Janusz Nowak, who has been associated with the printing industry since 1960. For many years he gained knowledge working in managerial positions in state printing houses. Janusz's sons, Mikołaj I Łukasz, are involved in managing the company. In 2009, the legal form changed, the company was transformed from a natural person running a business into a limited liability company.

During the last few years of operation, 15 different typically production machines were purchased, all of which are now the company's property. The extensive machine park allows you to achieve an annual printing efficiency of approx. 100 million sheets of B-1 format. The company, guided by the principle that the most important thing is to produce high-quality products and have them too, constantly strengthens its position both on the domestic and foreign market, increasing revenues and employees


Put the image on the paper. Poligrafia Janusz Nowak has been a leader in its segment for years. We do not crumble. We do what we know best since always. Books, leaflets, brochures. This is our world. The world of paper, color, print and binding. We're really good at it. You can trust us and take the problem off your head.

NEW services at Poligrafia Janusz Nowak.
PJN, thanks to the implementation of a new investment project, expands its offer with the following products and services:

  • Albums
  • Brochures
  • Hardcover books
  • Paperback books
  • Packaging
  • Scratch cards
  • Bulk instructions


Modern, innovative technology are our advantages. In the era of high competition and saturated market, only companies with the latest technological solutions achieve success. We know this and we do not allow ourselves to take half measures at any stage of production, from customer service, through planning, printing, bookbinding processes, warehouse and shipping. The whole supporting numerous IT systems that do not allow for errors.

Prinect Portal is a modern tool for managing and controlling the client's order. The client has the option to send the materials at any time convenient for him. He can accept them from anywhere. It is possible to add collaborators only for a specific order broken down into roles, e.g. the person sending the materials, the person accepting the materials, the person managing the order. Each of them sees only a piece of the entire job required by the permissions. Permissions can be combined with each other. For example, we combine the functions of sending and accepting materials intended for printing for one or more people. In addition, we can define the time frame when a given employee is to have access to the order. These are just some of the functionalities of the Prnect Portal illustrating its flexibility and great possibilities.